The Glory Road


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When tragedy strikes and racial violence ensues, fifteen year-old  Justin Coulter is forced from his home in Cooper’s Gulch, the logging  camp where he has lived all his life. For Justin, things will never be  the same. The childhood pastimes—hunting for arrowheads and looking for  fools’ gold in the creek—have lost their charm. Sunday afternoon picnics  and trips to see the circus are things of the past.

On an  isolated ranch, with only his mother’s Uncle Hal and Waters, his  father’s black partner, to guide him, Justin struggles to find himself  and his place in a world that has filled with misery and loss.

Twenty  miles from the ranch, folks in the little town of Glory know hard  times, too, as they contend with the hardships of the Depression. It is  in Glory’s one-room school that Justin learns more than how to spell and  do long division when he meets Wiley, his new best friend, and Annie, a  quiet, pretty girl who speaks to his heart.

As  Justin comes to see the world through his own eyes, he finds the  strength that hard times bring and learns that kindness and love can be  found along the Glory Road.

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5.0 out of 5 starsA first-rate novel 

March 26, 2017

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After  the death of his father and the disappearance of his mother,  fifteen-year-old Justin Coulter finds himself in lonely seclusion on his  uncle’s ranch, buoyed by the support of his father’s black partner,  Waters, whose wisdom and courage inspire him to move forward with a  positive attitude in the face of hardship.
As a victim of racial  violence, Waters views human nature with equanimity even as prejudice  once again rears its ugly head. The nearby village of Glory is a  microcosm of small-town America, and like every small town, it has its  bullies. But there are also plenty of loving, warmhearted people, and  the one-room schoolhouse provides Justin with a sense of direction along  with happiness as he meets his sweetheart and bonds with his best  friend. At the same time, Justin must realize that life is never simple,  and when his long-lost Momma reappears with a surprise for him, he  faces a future that will come with complications.
As seen through the  eyes of a teenaged boy during the Great Depression, The Glory Road is  written with humor and an incisive understanding of human nature. For  people who find people interesting, this book is a must-read.

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